Located in the Akihabara Electric Town in Tokyo,[cocoro no rakuen seitai honpo shop] Massage ● 30 minutes 2,100 yen (tax included) ● 45 minutes 3,000 yen (included) ● 60 minutes 3,600 yen (included) ● 90 minutes 5,600 yen (included) Systemic fatigue, Deep stubborn coli 40 shoulder 50 shoulderpregnant women to manipulative, Shoulders, Arms, Waist pain, Leg cold + Edema, Sciatica,and the like. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda 3-10-6 Maruwa Building Telephone 03 (5296) 5562 (Year) At 12-21 (Monday Closed) JR Akihabara Station (Electric Town Exit) 5minute walk away. 2minutes from Tokyo Metro (Ginza Line) Suehiro-cho Station. Three to four minutes from Akihabara Dai Building Akihabara UDX · Don Quixote Akihabara, Yodobashi AKIBA Osteopathic Council and Each Clinic, Loosen specialty store, Quick massage shop, Who can not be seen the effect,Such as relaxation shop, Effective also in beauty and diet by manipulative nurses and Anma Massage Shiatsu, acupuncture nurses, Such as qualified personnel [cocoro no rakuen seitai honpo shop] in the trial! I want by all means become a familiar position to be consulted in Akihabara.

In electrical district of Akihabara,There is a smell of Kyoto drifts tea room



cocoro no seitai honpo shop

30分2100円!秋葉原の整体マッサージ 東京 千代田区 秋葉原(アキバ)の肩こり・腰痛の整体院 心の楽園本舗 クイックマッサージ ほぐし 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 秋葉原駅周辺・神田駅周辺・岩本町・末広町・外神田 眼精疲労 全身ほぐし 腰痛と肩こりに効く加勢流オリジナル手技。心の楽園本舗 秋葉原整体院 東京駅周辺 マッサージ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 千代田区外神田3−10−6 丸和ビルB1階 秋葉原周辺 末広町駅周辺 整体 秋葉原駅周辺 マッサージ ほぐし クイックマッサージ ヨドバシAKIBAから徒歩5分

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 中国語による当店の紹介。 ベトナム人の皆様へ。ベトナム語による当店の紹介。

♪himself to work and weekend dating way back mind and refresh♪

couple your accompanied welcome!

アキバでマッサージ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 秋葉原の「心の楽園本舗整体店」フットマッサージとリフレクソロジーもどうぞ 整体 末広町でマッサージ プラス500円でフットリフレ追加可能 ペア(御同伴)歓迎!

Want to provide a"healing of the body treatment"toward work hard in the busy modern society OPEN to Akiba!

Firmly carry out the treatment was conjunction Align the body of one person one person.

Finally stiffness and pain to difficult constitution occur. Just feel the pleasant is just a relaxation.Do you need,

can be accurately improve the ailing muscle reliable technology?!

Feel that the "force is to satisfy our customers acceleration"firm can offer?!

After the treatment completion "ll obviously body became warm and lightly"or can be?!

I'm a low price in the 60minute 3600 yen(total) rival other stores of the staff do not want to appear to be allowed to Skill !

I have been hired by the commissions and regulations, eager customers of that are you the practitioner to think?

Do not unreasonable to treatment also tired because not to and not try the number of people ¥ ?

There is a nature shrink harder when the muscles get tired,

you can not be returned to the original balance alone muscle So there is also artificially the need to adjust the muscle.

Stretching exercises that are also done everyone will be have stretched the muscles artificially.

A top priority to "improve the body from the root" But does not fundamentally acupressure.

Stubborn deep coli, use each part of the hand of the shoulder, Back, hips, buttocks,

thighs, such as practitioner By extinguish triturated many times to the appropriate direction captures the firm stiffness,

even more metabolism enhanced, beauty and diet to effectiveour original technique also.

Shiatsu is for pushing the vertically Guilloux the muscle of one point with a finger,

not stretched tightly contracted muscles, we believe that higher risk of rubbing barb.

Shop to provide a shiatsu massage, because everywhere in Japan those

who are well utilized, here also Some people think that does not work to me or acupressure.

Chronic was stubborn deep coli disease person etc. of(fascia is a state in which distortion muscle becomes stiff)

try chiropractic massage of our shop.



東京,秋葉原,外神田、肩,背,腰,臀,脚,脚底。 全身疲労,按摩。






Always pursuing "bottom in Akiba!"

眼精疲労に 秋葉原周辺でリラクゼーションマッサージ 東京 千代田区外神田3丁目の肩こり・腰痛・眼精疲労の整体院 心の楽園本舗整体店 岩本町 外神田周辺 御徒町駅周辺 末広町駅周辺 電気街 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 秋葉原駅周辺 マッサージ店 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 リフレクソロジーもどうぞ 秋葉原周辺で肩凝り・肩こり・腰痛・全身疲労(疲れ)眼精疲労を解消!60分3600円!クイックマッサージ ほぐし 肩もみ(15分)1100円! 東京駅周辺 外神田周辺 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 リフレクソロジー フットマッサージ 整体

  友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎  様々な方法でカラダを整える事が整体。 リフレクソロジーと整体マッサージのセット

<Our Speciality>

●Natural designed rooms can be makes you relax.

●All rooms are non smoking.

●About 5 minutes to JR AKIHABARA by walk.

Sheets and bath towels and Ware,every time one of the treatment is finished,replace it with a cleaning settled.

highest peak ground Rite massage bed, especially on the rank + oversize use.

All private treatment room, clean air because humidified air cleaner installation.Negative ions released from the wallpaper.

Extract from the leaves of the Shimanto River upstream of the cypress thinnings,the smell of 100% natural cypress.

Mobile Phone Charger Rent For free.

整骨院や各治療院、ほぐし専門店、クイックマッサージ店、リラクゼーション店などで効果の見られない方も是非。酷い症状には低周波治療器を無料にて併用可能。整体 秘技マッサージ全身疲労・ストレスなど体を整える 肩の痛み 腰の痛み 背中の痛み 足の疲れ むくみ 冷え性  眼精疲労 秋葉原の肩こり・腰痛の整体院 クイックマッサージ ほぐし 心の楽園本舗 東京 マッサージ 整体 末広町 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ ヨドバシカメラ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 リフレクソロジー

Original treatment aiming also trigger point

In the sense that the "trigger point of negligence of and pain" is the trigger point,

Nerve becomes irritable in the individual part, it will receive the body is the wrong signal of the pain,

Like neglected is and the pain I would feel like all come from a different location.

Location directly feel the pain, not necessarily cause the pain

Also it is some of it not the cause of the location.

White Flag "まっさーじ" is the shop of mark!


Akiba hideaway bodywork shop

Now "manipulative shop" is also fine service industry.

The word where I think once is sometimes heard in or "harmony, respect, purity and tranquility."

This is four provisions of the YonTadashi seven law Sen no Rikyu has described the role of the tea ceremony.

To take care of the coordination with the (sum) people respect the (Kei) older people and their customers

(Qing) heart pure to (rust) mind quietly gently

Our always embrace the feeling of harmony, respect, purity and tranquility

Try the hospitality of the "manipulative industry 1" to every one of our customers.

After the treatment, The finest tea service ★

秋葉原・アキバ・末広町の肩こり・腰痛・全身疲労 クイックマッサージ ほぐし 整体院 心の楽園本舗 マッサージ 上野 整骨院に通院中の方もどうぞ 神田 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 ボディケア リフレクソロジー フットマッサージ 整体 マッサージ 店内入口 飛び石 眼精疲労 秋葉原・アキバ・末広町の腰痛と肩コリの整体院 心の楽園本舗 クイックマッサージ ほぐし 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 神田 安い マッサージ 東京 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 リフレクソロジー マッサージ屋 整体加勢による茶道 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 秋葉原・末広町のクイックマッサージ ほぐし 肩こり・腰痛の整体院 心の楽園本舗 東京 アキバの秘技マッサージ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 リフレクソロジー 整体 マッサージ店

After the treatment, such as chiropractic and foot massage is,

◎ slowly in tatami mats of laid a tearoom, intimate (^^)

◎ in the best of tea, mind refresh ♪

welcome to"cocoro no seitai honpo shop"

Thank you!!

See you again someday and I pray for your continued success.


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 akihabara massage akiba  秋葉原 アキバ 秋叶

"Shanghai"           "Australia"

"Netherlands"        "Australia"       "California"


"vietnam-hochiminhcity"     "New York City"

Credit Card・E-money Payment OK

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Can not be combined with other payment methods.

東京の秋葉原にある、クイックマッサージ 秋葉原駅周辺 眼精疲労 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ ほぐし 肩こり・腰痛・全身疲労・冷え性に効く整体院 心の楽園本舗 東京 マッサージ 整体 整骨院  クイックマッサージ  ほぐし 千葉 東京エリア 激安 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 60分3600円!整体 東京 秋葉原の周辺で整体 肩こり(肩凝り)腰痛の整体院 心の楽園本舗 クイックマッサージ ほぐし 激安 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ AKIBA アキバ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎 東京の秋葉原にある、クイックマッサージ 秋葉原駅周辺 眼精疲労 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ ほぐし 肩こり・腰痛・全身疲労・冷え性に効く整体院 心の楽園本舗 東京 マッサージ 整体 整骨院  クイックマッサージ  ほぐし 千葉 東京エリア 激安 整骨院や治療院に通院中の方もどうぞ 友達同士やカップル(ペア)御同伴も歓迎

Akihabara Massage


cocoro no seitai honpo shop

TEL 03-5296-5562

Hours 12:00 to 21:00(Reservations first)

Monday Closed

★ Akiba Place of Central Avenue (Excelsior Cafe Saizeria tenants) turn left immediately.

※The first floor is used computer store

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Sotokanda 3-10-6 Maruwa building B1

JR Akihabara Station (Electric Town exit) a 5minute walk position

★Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho 2minutes on foot from the station

★ Ochanomizu Station, Awajichi Station, Okachimachi Station,

Yushima Station Ueno Hirokoji 10minutes walk from the station.

★ Akiba Place of Central Avenue (Excelsior Cafe Saizeria tenants) turn left immediately.

※The first floor is used computer store