FROM 2017 to JANUARY 2022

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Akihabara Massage

cocoro no seitai honpo shop

TEL 03-5296-5562

Maruwa bld B1,Sotokanda 3-10-6,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo

Hours 12:00 to 21:00(Reservations first)

※Monday Closed

★ Akiba Place of Central Avenue (Excelsior Cafe Saizeria tenants) turn left immediately.

※The first floor is used computer store

JR Akihabara Station (Electric Town exit) a 5minute walk position

★Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho 2minutes on foot from the station

★ Ochanomizu Station, Awajichi Station, Okachimachi Station, Yushima Station Ueno Hirokoji 10minutes walk from the station.